Christmas is coming…..are your cleaners ready for the clean up!

Christmas is a great time of year in offices…..but it does get messy.

Lots of nibbles, mince pies etc, drinks and festive cheer. Secret Santa presents to unwrap, and lots of tinsel and glitter. Does that sound familiar???

But can you rely on your cleaners to clean the offices, meeting rooms and reception areas ready for clients, customers or important visitors the next day?

Will they clean over the Christmas period, so you come back in January to clean desks, hoovered floors and when Christmas is a distant memory so is the glitter…..?

Good cleaning teams are invaluable this time of year, when your staff are in and out over Christmas, staff are leaving early for their Christmas break and rubbish is left behind.

This is when the difference between a reasonable cleaning job and a well managed cleaning services comes into its own.

All staff are aware of Christmas opening and closing times for our clients and arrangements are made for early access, cleaning cover and a good service, all the way through to the New Year!

At Shipshape Cleaning, we like to plan for Christmas, not leave it to chance.

Christmas office

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