Cleaning The Shipshape Way – Training

When we have new cleaners on board, it is an easy assumption to make that if they have some cleaning experience, they can be started on one of our sites and will know what to do.

If we did this, it would be a recipe for disaster, as all our client sites are different and they may not have been fully trained in previous roles.

Our expert and experienced team in Operations, train all new staff the Shipshape way.

We spend time with all our new cleaners to ensure they have a site induction and a chemical induction. All the duties are covered on their section, and how to clean and what chemicals they should be using. If they are a Supervisor within the team, we give them additional training so they can deal with site requests and the team they are managing.

Even if new staff know about colour coding, we go through this with them, to ensure the colours are the same and we go through the cloths, mops and buckets they will be using for each area.

Training is at the core of our business and without us investing our time and resources performing it, our teams could not operate as well as they do.


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