What are you signing up for?

When you sign up for a cleaning contract, always be aware of what they are tying you into.

Recently, visiting prospective clients, I have come across some very restricting contracts that have been signed by previous employees in the business, that tie the company in to only having a 2 week window to terminate.

These contracts have to be timed just right, and company’s and schools need to be on the ball when they wish to review their contract with the view to terminate it.

If the termination terms are not known, companies and school’s may not be able to terminate and serve three months notice until they reach the contract ‘anniversary date’. The period that they can terminate can very often be a small ‘window of opportunity’. If this is not diarized by the client, and they perhaps miss it, or are on annual leave, they have to wait until the following year to do anything about their cleaning. They can complain and bring up issues with the cleaning company, but the contract has to run.

These contracts are often seen for cleaning and washroom services.

At Shipshape Cleaning, we do not use such clauses in our cleaning contracts with our clients. We have a clear contracts for our clients as we are confident that we deliver professional cleaning services that we do not have to tie clients in for long drawn out termination periods.

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