Cleaners Cupboards….

If you have a cleaners cupboard on your site, have you seen inside it recently?

Go take a look and see what you find…..

This area is for your cleaning team to keep all their chemicals and equipment to clean your office, including your desk, your washrooms and your kitchen areas.

So, it should be:

– Kept tidy
– Be well stocked of the chemicals used for cleaning
– Have COSHH info for all products and all bottles clearly labelled
– Free of any rubbish (this should be outside in external bins)
– Cloths need to be hung to keep them aired
– Not smell nasty
– Evidence of colour coding should be visible in all cupboards
– Locked at all times, unless in use

Call us in for a chat if you are not happy with what you find….after all, if its not clean, how can your office be?

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