Office Sick Bugs – Stop them travelling Around your Office

In the Summer months there can be some nasty sick bugs that go around. To prevent staff all catching these bugs, it is imperative that the cleaning is thorough and a proper, healthy cleaning regime is adhered to.

One important procedure that should be trained on and followed is colour coding, ensuring that different areas have colour coded cloths, mops and buckets.

Another sure way of fighting germs and infection is using the appropriate anti-bacterial solutions to do the job. By using an anti-bacterial cleaner on every surface daily, germs should be kept at bay.

On client sites where extra protection is required, we have a fantastic range that includes:

Maceratable Wet Wipes – Packets of 52 wipes – Useful for staff to wipe their own handsets, keyboards etc
Foam Handrub – 500ml bottle – Commonly found in hospitals, these rubs can be situated throughout the building for staff use
Foam Handwash – 500 ml bottle – Can be used in washrooms to replace existing handsoaps and antibacterial handwash for extra protection, following visits to the toilet

Please contact us if you wish to order any of these products for your office.

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