Do you get let down in the Summer on your Office Cleaning?

When it comes to the summer months, do you get a reduced or non-existent cleaning service in your office?

Excuses are not good enough, and when your cleaning contract is managed properly, whether it is a one cleaner site, or a larger cleaning team, holiday and absences should be managed and teams should know what they are doing.

What happens to your office cleaning when the cleaner or a few cleaners are off on holiday or are absent?

We cannot obviously predict when staff are unwell or cannot come to work, but all holidays need to be managed properly as to not impact on your cleaning services.

When it is a one cleaner site, do you regularly get let down? Does your service stop sometimes due to staffing issues? You may get a credit note, but I bet you’d rather have the service?

We always have staff who can cover, and just because you have 1 cleaner, does not mean your cleaning is less important to us, or cannot be covered.

If you are experiencing staffing problems with your cleaning company during the summer period. Contact us for a meeting.


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