Cleaning Contract Review in the Holidays

In the summer months, whilst people are away from their desks, it’s a good time to review the cleaning standards in your office.

The area most people will notice is their area, including their desk.

If staff are not at their desks for a few weeks, you can really inspect their desks and see if the cleaners are keeping the dust at bay whilst they are away.

If you know they are not going to be there for a while, you can check if the desk is getting cleaned, things to look out for are:

– Is the back and base of the PC dust free?
– Has their keyboard been cleaned, lifted up and cleaned underneath?
– Are there any old cups on their desk or coffee stains?
– Is their pedestal clean underneath their desk?
– Have a good look under their desk, has it been hoovered underneath & is their bin empty?
– Has their phone been sanitised and is the handset clean?
– Has their chair been hoovered?

If a desk is not busy its a good time to see how the cleaning is going and whether your desks and underneath are getting cleaned at all….

You can also use our FREE Cleaning Audit to check all the other areas too. Download it now – click here

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