Are you getting the Cleaning Hours you are paying for?

Is your office clean? Are your cleaners working the hours they should be? Do they turn up late, or leave early on a regular basis?

These are issues we hear A LOT when we are invited in to tender for new clients who are not happy with their current cleaning arrangements. The problem is the staff are not being managed. Other cleaning companies often use paper timesheets and staff fill in the column of hours automatically just before payroll, ensuring they get paid for what they should be doing, but not actually what they are doing.

In 2009, Shipshape Cleaning introduced an Automated Timecard System. This system is all web based and timesheet paperwork became a thing of the past.

We have a system on all of our sites whereby all cleaning staff must log in when they start work and log off when they finish. They must use the clients telephone at the office to log in using a Freephone number, alternative numbers will not be recognised. This records their working hours on the clients site. We get reports on every site, letting us know when they logged in, when they logged out and from the site phone. We can ensure all staff are working the hours requested by the client. Managers are alerted by text message of anyone not logged in at the start of the shift, or lone workers who have not logged out.

This system is invaluable to us and we can provide the client with the cleaning hours they are paying for, offering a value for money service.

The benefits to using this system are many, including:

– Increases Productivity
– Reduces time that would have been spent on a paper system across the board
– Gives more time to Site Supervisors to manage the teams in a more efficient way
– Ensures the client is getting value for money by getting the hours they are paying for
– We are able to monitor more efficiently staff time keeping and deal with it sooner

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