Are you looking for a NEW Cleaning Company for your School?

We can help.

Shipshape offers school cleaning in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

We provide well managed cleaning contracts at schools in our area, so if you have a cleaning contract that is coming up for renewal, or you want a new company in to perform your cleaning, contact us today.

We will give you a personalised cleaning tender document detailing what we can offer you, improvements we can make, innovative and new cleaning products we will use, together with all of our insurances, H&S documentation and safeguarding policies.

We really can offer you the complete solution at a realistic and competitive rate.

As well as cleaning, we can also provide you with:

– Window Cleaning
– Carpet Cleaning, ad-hoc or scheduled
– Entrance Matting
– Wide range of consumable products & dispensers
– Washroom Rentals

So, you can have excellent rates on all these services, all under one company.

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