Are your Fridges Getting the Right Treatment?

Fridges are an integral part of the office cleaning, and if they are not cleaned and looked after they start to smell, become unhygienic and dirty.

They can become a health hazard, with milk spillages, dirt bought in on the bottom of milk bottles and growing mould and bacteria, all adding to the bad conditions of a fridge. In some offices, staff may bring in Tupperware boxes with lunch in, and they get forgotten about….

In our service schedules we always have fridge cleaning as standard. It is something we train all our staff on to do properly, the Shipshape way. We have a weekly task for all our cleaners to remove everything out of the fridges and clean out and sanitize the fridge. They throw away any old, out of date food that won’t last.

We feel your staff’s health is important. If your fridge is not getting cleaned out properly as part of your cleaning contract, just remember we always do!

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