Dirty Sinks & Limescale….

As we live in a hard water area, we are going to have trouble with lime scale developing on taps, plugholes, sinks etc. but is your cleaning company doing enough?

The white crusty lime scale deposits that occur when things aren’t cleaned properly or the right chemicals are not being used, are horrible to look at and damage the fixtures and fittings at home and in the office.

In the workplace, it is important that your cleaners are equipped with the correct lime scale remover and chemicals to keep lime scale down and at bay. Many contracts we take over have dull stainless steel sinks, plug holes that are crusty with lime scale deposits and taps that need attention… We attack it straight away and staff often comment about the shine when we take over!

Don’t let your washrooms or kitchens suffer anymore and contact us so we can give you a complete office clean schedule, not just for the hovering and dusting but paying proper attention to your sinks, worktops, taps and plug holes!

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