Are you Recycling as a business?

Recycling is really important for todays businesses and should be done in all businesses, but how can we help you with your green initiatives?

Shipshape Cleaning pride themselves with their green cleaning credentials and the support they can offer their clients. As part of our cleaning and waste removal remit, we can:

– Source internal office recycling bins or recycling points in your office and help you work towards centralized bins in the office
– Provide clear recycling sacks for new or existing units
– Offer a free WEE recycling service to all our clients* (*small charge applies for CRT monitors & fluorescent tubes)
– Free battery recycling boxes and collection service

We are always looking at other ways we can help our client’s with their recycling, as we feel too much goes into general waste & landfill.

If this interests you as a company and you want a forward thinking cleaning company with green credentials. Contact us today.


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