Recruiting Staff for your Contract

Recruitment of Staff on our Sites

Having good, honest and reliable staff working for us on our client sites is very important to us.

We are very aware that the cleaning team are paramount to the success of a cleaning contract, and also how they are trained and managed by us.

Our recruitment procedure is followed by all the Head Office team when potential cleaners are applying for jobs and we always do the following checks:

– They have completely filled out our application form for employment
– They have provided us with 2 independent work related references
– We go through their application form face to face to discuss any career breaks and experience, ensuring we have all the information needed
– We have their ID which is photocarded
– We have proof of their national insurance number for working in the UK

This process applies whether we are recruiting new staff in response to a job advert or transferring staff under TUPE at the start of a new contract.

We are very experienced in this field and ensure that changing contractors is a smooth, seamless transition for the client and staff involved.


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