How Environmentally Friendly is Your Office Cleaning?

As businesses are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, what are your cleaning company doing to ensure they are cleaning in an environmentally friendly way?

Do they provide you with a range of environmentally friendly options and ideas?

At Shipshape Cleaning, we embrace the environment wholeheartedly. We steer away from harsh chemicals, a mass of disposal bottles or products, and we always, on all of our sites use the microfibre cleaning system.

Here are some of the things we offer our clients, that we can bring to you:

– We offer a full range of environmentally friendly cleaning products
– We use microfibre cloths and mops to cut down on the use of too much cleaning chemical
– Shipshape actively encourage recycling and can provide colour coded office recycling bins
– We can supply 100% recycled paper products, our standard ranges have a high percentage of recycled material
– At the start of every contract we offer battery recycling boxes, with a free collection when it becomes full
– We regularly offer our clients Free WEE recycling visits to help them recycle unwanted electrical equipment

How green are you?


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