Will Your Cleaners Turn Up Today?

With the snow today, will your cleaners be in today or do they just live too far away?

It can be very frustrating on days like today when, even though you have got into work today, you know your cleaning team will not be in to service your offices.

It may not always be possible to get in, as weather can worsen throughout the day, but as part of our business continuity we ensure we employ staff as close to the site as possible. Ideally we employ staff within walking distance and we make every effort to ensure our staff are willing and able to service our cleaning contracts, even if it means coming in a little earlier than normal and us making arrangements with the client.

That is just one of the benefits of employing a local cleaning company, as we:

– Are familiar with the area
– Understand the local workforce in the area and pay rates
– Only recruit staff in the vicinity of the site, who can walk to work if necessary
– Do all of our interviews face to face and local to the site

So, if your staff are regularly not turning out and you are being let down. Give us a call.

Walk in Snow

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