Not Happy with your Office Cleaning…’s Easy to Change!

There is a certain misconception that it is too difficult to change your cleaners.

At Shipshape Cleaning we can assure you that this process is easy and will be the best move you have ever made.

If you are unhappy with your current cleaning service, for whatever reason, you need to start the process of changing them. It really will make your life a lot easier. Remember why you employed a cleaning contractor in the first place is that they manage the cleaning contract, so you don’t have to. You could be doing more important and business focused tasks.

What can Shipshape Do?

– Guide you through the process of change
– Provide a clear, tailored quotation to meet your cleaning and business needs
– Deal with your current cleaning contractor to obtain TUPE information for staff
– Perform a pre-start clean before the contract starts to raise the current standards
– Manage the contract and cleaning team from the very beginning to ensure you receive the
service you are paying for
– Regularly review with you, the client, to ensure you are always delighted with our service

Go on, make that change!


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