Are the Accreditations used by some Cleaning Companies still current?

We had our annual ISO9001 audit yesterday in our office, and I’m pleased to say we passed our Audit with flying colours. Well done!

However, it did make us think about some cleaning companies out there that have all these accreditations on their website, brochures and letterheads and whether they are still current or applicable any more.

We did a search yesterday of a handful of our competitors websites and found that on one website the quality standard no longer existed and another was a European qualification that wasn’t recognised in the UK.

But, with any relevent accreditations they do profess to have, are they still current and can they be checked?

The answer is yes. If you go to the website of these qualifications, you can search on them for the company name, or you can call the relevent body i.e. Safe Contractor, and ask if the company you are looking at is a member and have their accreditation.

It is important to check them out, as some companies, not all, will leave these logos on their websites, even if they aren’t currently accredited or members of that trade association.

It is very naughty and is false advertising but, in my opinion it is well worth checking out their credentials. If they legitimately have that accrediation, they will not mind emailing you or providing in the tender a copy of their current certificate either. If it doesn’t materialise, they probably do not have it….and would you want to deal with a company that isn’t honest and up front?


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