Why is Colour Coding So Important?

It is something you may, or may not, be aware of but it is so important to follow this when it come to cleaning.

In our business cleaning and hygiene is paramount and we ensure for the Health & Safety of our clients that strict guidelines are followed to ensure there is no cross contamination. After this cold spell we are having, and when the temperatures do start to warm up, we will see an increase in office illness and bugs thriving again in the warmer temperatures, the cold is currently keeping them at bay!

The last thing that is needed is for the bugs to be wiped or mopped around the office. Passing these germs from one person to another, to another…. Therefore, at Shipshape Cleaning, we follow guidelines on Colour Coding our cloths, mops and buckets so this does not happen.

We have written an advisory information sheet on this practice, I hope you find it useful.

Colour Coding Cloths and Cleaning Equipment Information Sheet

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