What do you have in your washrooms….Washroom Sanitary Bin Rentals

I discussed the products in the washrooms in my blog last Monday, but what about the other washroom kit? Typically we supply our clients with Sanitary Bins, Automatic Airs, Vending Machines, Air Dryer Rental, Water Management Systems etc. We provide scheduled service visits, brand new kit, at a competitive rate.

A properly kitted out washroom should have suitable sanitary facilities in the ladies and disabled washrooms. This type of waste must be removed securely and environmentally from the premises by a licenced waste carrier, it cannot just be thrown away.

I find the common problems with sanitary bins in the toilets of offices or public toilets (not our office I hassen to add, or any of our clients) are:

– The smell – If it is not serviced regularly, these bins can be full to overflowing….this can cause horrible smells and hygiene issues
– The look – Does the bin look clean from the outside, is it well maintained and practical for the space allowed
– Not working – Does it work, if not it needs reporting and the servicing company should provide a call out within 24 hours, ideally the same day

We pride ourselves on the service we deliver our clients. We can guarantee the following with our bins:

– The smell – Due to regular scheduled servicing (normally every 4 weeks, but every two weeks can be offered for heavy useage) this prevents smells and sanitary waste build up.
– The look – We have a range of bins to suit your decor. We only use foot-pedal operated bins that are sanitised during the 4-weekly service and cleaned inside and out. Each contract we take on, we use new bins.
– Not working/Blocked/Bin problems – We guarantee, whatever the problem is, to come and service the bin in question within 24 hours, but we are normally on site the same day. Our call out visit is free of charge and included in our contract price.

So, how do your washrooms look today? Are they smart and fresh smelling, or are they like public loos…..

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