What Condition are your Washrooms in?

In my job, working for a commercial cleaning company, I see a lot of washrooms. Even when I am not at work, I always see what the toilets are like in places I visit. Whether I’m in a restaurant, at the cinema, toilets in a shop, hotel, spa, sporting event…..I go and have a peek.

To me, toilets say A LOT about the professionalism and the management of a company or establishment. As a customer, are they ensuring my needs are met, they should be clean and presentable, if I’m in a restaurant I always think if their toilets look like this, what is their kitchen like!!!!

I have been to some lovely places and been very impressed by the staff, …..then I go to the toilet! If it is uncared for, unclean and basically a pit, my whole view of my visitor experience is tarnished and I remember this.

So, what do your toilets say about your company, if you have visitors to your office are your toilets clean and stocked up? If not, why not….

These are some bug bares of mine and common problems with staff/visitor toilets:

1. Hand soap
It is empty, watered down or just isn’t there…how are your staff/visitors supposed to wash their hands effectively???

2. Toilet Roll
Roll has run out, is missing, or the cubicle is packed with
‘Spares’ sat at the back of the loo

3. Hand Towels
None left, get stuck and come out in chunks of paper towel or are stacked up on the side in a dusty pile

4. Loo Brushes
If they are present, shouldn’t they be clean? All too often I see dirty, yellowing or open topped loo brushes, some without a holder. This is a bacterial breeding ground and looks so disgusting.

We have a solution to all these problems, some are simple and are very cost effective, or merely taking the time to properly train the cleaning team.

When we take on a new contract, we look at all of these things as part of our tender and discuss improvements that can be made simply and cost effectively.

During the first month, we would analyse usage of consumables, types of consumables and what products would benefit the client and in most cases be more cost effective and suit the clients demands.

We look for solutions and offer practical advice and ideas to make the washrooms a smarter and more appealing place.

Look out for my next blog this week on Washroom Rentals, and how they can have an impact on your washrooms too.

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