Shipshape Cleaning Christmas Dinner 2012

Shipshape Cleaning Group Photo
The Shipshape Superheroes

Well, we were all very excited about our Christmas Party this year as it was fancy dress!

Now you all know, looking at our blogs that we are a team who love our dressing up, especially at Halloween, and everybody makes the effort. So when we got sent the Royal Windsor Racecourse Superhero Christmas Party information, we were estatic. Once booked, the next thing was to sort out our costumes!

Outfits were purchased or put together and the team looked fab! The team were:

Dawn – Catwoman
Tony – Blade
Amanda – Jedi Knight
Sarah – Batwoman
Tracey – Poison Ivy
Debby – Robin
Russell – Super Mario

Russell joined the Head Office team for our Christmas dinner this year, as he is Shipshape Employee of the Year 2012.

We all had a super time and Russell won best costume at the party. Well done Russell!

After our dinner, we hit the dance floor and danced the night away until our super hero mobiles arrived at 1am….

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