Have you thought about Gritting and Preparation for the Snow?

It’s not a case of if it comes, but when it comes. Snow is forecast every year around this time and there’s no escaping. Although we don’t have it as heavy or frequently as our friends in the North, we do suffer from snow between the months of December to February, sometimes even later.

To assist your employees getting in and out of work and for their safety when walking into the office, you need to think about the snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

We can help out with this service and provide you with an automatic gritting service when temperatures reach a certain level or a gritting service on request. We can also arrrange for snow removal from sites too.

The process we run to is:

14:00 – Post code specific weather forecasts are received to be inspected by office based operational staff

15:30 – Customers are contacted by SMS and email advising of the necessary action to be taken that evening

17:00 – Cancellation deadline. If the customer does not want us to proceed with the gritting, they must advise us by our 5pm deadline

18:00-07:00 – Fully trained gritting staff will operate between these times to ensure the work is carried out in accordance with the weather prediction

10:00 – Email confirmation of operational services that have taken place

Inspections – If the ground is very dry and/or there is residual salt our gritting staff will that evening inspect the site to determine if gritting is required. There is no charge for an inspection.

Snow Clearance – If snow clearance is required we will carry this out:
Clearance of small areas and footpaths is carried out using snow blades and shovels and for larger areas and car parks, if required, use JCB diggers.

Our Gritting visits are charged on a per visit basis.

In the event of snow fall or extreme weather, additional call out visits may be required. These will be agreed between our gritting company and the customer. The charges vary and are dependent on the size of the area and the equipment used.

The service we provide is first class, not a drive round with a trailer; we ensure that every part of your site is kept safe for all your staff and visitors using the appropriate equipment and also using white salt. The reason for the white salt is that it is more controllable for the correct spread and grams per square metre for the conditions, ensuring efficiency and less environmental impact. It also it does not damage interior floor coverings when walked in.

We ensure our clients receive the best possible gritting service. Our gritting company have accreditations for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Safe Contractor and Contractor Plus.

Contact us now if you need a quotation.

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