Are you ready for Germs?

When the odd person or two in the office are off sick, you know that the usual winter time bugs are moving in for the winter.

It is especially important to ensure your office cleaning is up to scratch and check the following areas for cleanliness:

– Desks are being cleaned regularly and wiped with a mild anti-bacterial solution
– Telephones are sanitized – especially if they are used on hot desks or by different employees during the day
– Keyboards & mice are wiped
– Bins are emptied daily (think of those used tissues!)
– Handles are sanitized
– Dishwashers are effectively cleaning crockery & cutlery

We schedule all these things in on our sites, train on them and ensure they are done. We discuss client requests and look at how extra measures can be put in place to reduce staff illness in the workplace.

Some steps to a healthier workplace can be:

– Put in place the above cleaning regime for your site with the cleaning team
– Order anti-bacterial wipes from the cleaning company to use on inidividual desks and ask staff to do a weekly sanitization of their own work station
– Order a foam or gel anti-bacterial hand rub for additional protection for staff, these can be put up in washrooms, kitchen areas or near staff work places
– Have lovely cheerful plant displays!

There is a lot you can do to prevent these germs, and the key is thorough cleaning.

Download our free cleaning audit to audit your site cleaning and call us to discuss your cleaning review.

Here’s to a clean & healthly winter season!

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