Problem with Staff Not Turning Up or Working their Contracted Hours?

The more prospective client’s I visit the more I hear the common problem of:

– Cleaners aren’t keeping to the contracted start/finish times
– Not all cleaners are turning up to clean
– When they do turn up, cleaners are not cleaning for the contracted duration

These types of staff issues are a huge problem. Not only are the cleaning company charging you for hours of work you are not receiving, but if the agreed contracted hours are not being met, the standards of cleaning go down rapidly.

Most sites have fob systems and a quick check of that system will identify which cleaners are turning up and at what time. Also, how often the management team are visiting too.

If the communication and management of the contract is poor, the start and finish times of the cleaners will be unknown to the office of managers and this will go undetected for months with out it being highlighted internally and by then, the standards have dropped.

But, this checking up on cleaners and looking into security system records etc, takes up your valuable time and, if you are paying for a cleaning company to actually MANAGE your cleaning contract, that is what you expect to be done, this is what you pay a premimum for and you expect them to MANAGE.

Since 2009, we have operated an Automated Timecard System on ALL on all our sites, without exception. This was rolled out to all staff and all staff were given personal log in code. They use this code on the telephone key pad to register them being on the site, the same thing happens before they leave to clock out of the web based system.

We run regular reports and spot checks of the system and know what time our cleaners enter and leave a site. Logging in and out of the system has to be from the site number and cannot be from any other telephone or mobile number, otherwise we are alerted to this.

This system is very successful as we know cleaners are on site, and how long for. Any issues are dealt with internally for staff timekeeping. Our commitment is to ensure clients are getting the hours of cleaning we are contracted to perform.

We manage the contract, so you don’t have to!

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