Don’t Forget Your Office Christmas Tree!

Don’t forget that your office will need decorating for Christmas, don’t leave it too late!

We can provide you with a hassle free service of quality Christmas Trees delivered to your door, installed and decorated on your premises.

We can offer you two main varieties of ‘real’ tree, the Nordman Fir, which has better needle retention than any other variety, or Norway Spruce, the traditional Christmas Tree.

This year we can offer you the choice of an undecorated tree and you can have the enjoyment of decorating it yourself, or have a fully decorated tree, where it is installed and decorated, making Christmas as hassle-free as possible, the choice is yours.

Please see below the six most popular colour combinations. However, should you have any special requirements, or require a completely bespoke tree, please let us know as we can work with you to meet your requirements. We can also supply matching Garlands, Wreaths and Poinsettias too.

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