Choosing a Cleaning Contractor

It is important that when you have put so much work and time into tendering for your cleaning contract that you choose the right company.

The winning company with be a company that feel you can work with and have the same values and work ethics as your own company. There should be a solid, proven management structure and don’t be hesitant to ask for copies of their company policies.

The winning company should have:

– a transparent and comprehensive tender document and fair pricing. If your RFP document specifies that you want the information laid out in a certain way, with certain information from them then they should do this for you and include all documentation. Any slapdash, unorganised tender documents should be disregarded. If the company cannot give you all the information in the order you require, what does that say about how they run the rest of their business?

– They should invest in their staff, including fair salaries, training and a track record of retention of staff. The last thing you want in your new contract is a constant turnover of staff.

– Account managers that are not stretched – They should have a manageable logistical area, with not too many contracts to visit

– Clear procedures, channels for communication and good process management

These are all important things to take into account when going through tenders, just as much as the price.

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