Bring the Outside In….

Now we are in Summer and getting some lovely weather it is glorious being outside.

However, many of us are in offices most of our day and don’t get to go out and see the flowers, plants and scrubs outside. This is when good internal plants can make a big difference.

We can perform a site survey of any office or indeed any working environment you are in and put together a bespoke proposal of plants and planters and, in addition, a variety of options on floral arrangements for reception areas, atriums, meeting rooms etc.

Our plants are serviced and maintained monthly by a dedicated plant professinoal who will feed and maintain the displays. If at all necessary during the term of the contract, we will replace any plants that are not doing so well in their environment. This is not something that happens often but if it does, then it can be changed.

We present our proposal with in situ pictures around your office space so you can get a good idea of how your new plants will look.

It is scientifically proven that indoor planting makies a real difference to the wellbeing of your staff and colleagues, so why not call us up today to arrange a visit?

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