Cleaning is Essential, Not an Added Expense

There is probably not many companies that are not financially hit by the current economic downturn. Budgets are reviewed and service providers scrutinised for the service they provide and the cost at which they provide it.

One such service is cleaning. As an ‘invisible’ service to our clients, our work is mainly done in the evening, or sometimes early morning, when staff are not in the office. We provide a seamless service which is out of hours and managed in the evening and during the day by our experienced management team.

During these ‘cost cutting’ times, cleaning is not an ‘added expense’ that can be cut in order to reduce costs, but an essential service to ensure your work environment is clean and healthy.

If the workstations and equipment is kept clean and sanitised, the washrooms and kitchens are mopped and cleaned with the proper cleaning products, it is a scientific fact that staff are ill less often. This is a huge saving to the company as sick days cost employers millions each year.

So, don’t scrimp or cut down your cleaning services, as this will impact on your staff and their wellbeing.

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