Cloths, Mops and Buckets….Tools of our Trade

Obviously when you think of cleaning you think about the chemicals being used to clean with but also cleaners should have a good supply of cloths, mops and buckets. These should be in good condition and colour coded depending on which area of the home or office is being cleaned.

When tendering for new cleaning contracts I still find it astounding these days to open a cleaners cupboard in an office to see only a couple of cloths that are being used to clean with. I think my comment to the prospective client was, if that cloth is for the toilets and that cloth is for the kitchen, what cloth are they using to clean your desk with??? Horrible thought I know but clearly cross-contamination has not been considered.

With a lot of sick bugs and cold bugs going around at the moment, cleaning and cleanliness really is of paramount importance and should be top of our agenda. And, as a cleaning company that promotes, trains on and colour codes its cleaning equipment it really is.

Athough not a legal requirement, we have, as a company, always followed the colour coding rules to the letter. We have separate coloured cloths and buckets & mops for the washrooms. These are used purely in the washroom and no where else. We have another colour for the kitchen cloth, mops & buckets, only to be used in there. Then we have another colour for the office desks only and a glass cloth for spot cleaning glass. We stick a laminated copy of our Colour Coding method onto the inside of the site cleaners cupboard as a reminder to our cleaning staff.

Cleaning is about keeping the area clean, dust-free and sanitary, and not cross-contaminating germs!

So, next time you look in your cleaner’s cupboard, see how many colours of cloths they have…..

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