Get into the Hygiene Habit!

Luckily we have not had such severe flu this year but it does seem everywhere you turn people have colds, coughs and sick bugs to contend with.

Even without a ‘flu’ warning these other bugs and sicknesses can still be nasty and mean time off of school for the children and time off work for you…. But, with effective hygiene practices, these seasonal bugs should not be too intrusive and be nipped in the bud. The spread of infection is easily preventable.

Companies who take the time to provide their staff with good washroom hygiene and the products to prevent spread of infections in the workplace will benefit from this. Staff feel happier and healthier as a result and if less staff are getting sick, then the possible disruption to the business is minimal.

On our cleaning schedules washrooms and kitchens are daily cleans, with the floors always being mopped with an anti-bacterial floor cleaner every night. We operate a colour coding system so in the washrooms, kitchens and office areas, there will be a specific colour for the mops and cloths. This is to avoid cross contamination those areas and people’s desks. Without this, how do you know that your desk hasn’t just been cleaned with the same cloth as the loo….???

We provide washroom rentals not only to ensure the washrooms smell fresh and their is somewhere for sanitary products to go, but their is a regular supply of handsoap, hand sanitiser and urinals are auto sanitised too. Our washroom servicing is every 4 weeks, not once a month or every 6 weeks like some providers. This ensures the washroom is always a pleasant and sanitary place to be.

Hand washing is an imperative part of avoiding getting sick, and providing your company provides you with a good anti-baterial handsoap and a means of drying your hands, there should be no problem. Backed up by an anti-bacterial hand-rub, this breaks the cycle of these nasty bugs, viruses and bacteria.

With your handwashing, make sure you:

– Firstly wet your hands with clean running water (warm or cold) and apply your soap
– Rub your hands together to create a lather and wash well, taking into account the back of your hands, under nails and between the fingers
– It is recommended that 20 seconds is the minimum you should take washing your hands properly
– Rinse your hands under clean running water
– Dry your hands well

ALWAYS wash your hands after:

– Blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
– Before, during and after food prep
– Before eating food
– After using the bathroom
– After handling dirty items/rubbish
– Before and after caring for someone who is ill
– After touching an animal or animal waste
– Before and after treating a cut or a wound

Let’s hope we have seen the last of these nasties…..

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