Are we ready for the Flu this Winter?

It’s that time of year again when colds, coughs and flu rear their ugly heads. But, there are things you can do to reduce the chances of catching something nasty, or if you do have colds or flu, passing it on to others.

The key is to be prepared with a very good range of antibacterial hand gels, hand washes and wipes. This is particularly important in an office environment, where germs are easily spread on computer equipments and telephones. Air conditioning and office heating can spread the germs around.

The range we promote and supply is the New Genn range of anti-bacterial products.

Products Shipshape Cleaning Can Offer:

Maceratable Wet Wipes – Packets of 52 wipes – Useful for staff to wipe their own handsets, keyboards etc
The liquid is plentiful to ensure you gain the protection required. To better protect you, these contain very few ingredients and leave skin feeling really nice. Very safe for skin, especially for babies and broken skin in conditions like eczema. The more substantial 52 wipe packs for household, car and work use.

Foam Handrub – 500ml bottle – Commonly found in hospitals, these rubs can be situated throughout the building for staff use
The unique, world-renowned, solvent-free hand sanitiser that’s kind to your hands and long lasting. Ideal for children. It works rapidly against bacteria and other microbes, including even the most dangerous hospital super-bugs. Derived from coconut oil. The foam makes it easy to see when you’ve fully covered your hands.

Foam Handwash – 500 ml bottle – Can be used in washrooms to replace existing handsoaps and antibacterial handwash for extra protection, following visits to the toilet
It has excellent cleansing action and leaves hands soft and smooth. Favoured in settings where occupational dermatitis is common. Created from natural plant oils, it is kind to skin yet works rapidly to kill bacteria and many other microbes. 500ml.

We can also provide you with the wall mounted unit for the alcohol free, antimicrobial & cleansing foam hand rub.

Please contact Shipshape Cleaning at or call our office on 01494 468989, if you wish to order any of these products.

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