Employing the Right People for your Cleaning Contract

At Shipshape Cleaning we are very aware that our Cleaning Staff  are Company Ambassadors and our reputation is dependent upon their performance.

We adopt a very thorough recruitment procedure. Any potential employee has to complete the following steps:-

Complete our full application form at the interview
Provide 2 work related references
Provide original proof of their national insurance number
Provide original proof of ID
Provide proof of their eligability to work in the UK

We take our responsibilities very seriously and check that all employees are able to work legitimately in the UK before employment and during our employment.

We have this procedure in place to follow employment law on employing staff and to keep your cleaning contract safe.

Upon the commencement of their employment with Shipshape, all cleaning staff are given a full  inducation specific to the site at which they are allocated to.  This includes a ‘practical cleaning workshop’, COSHH and Health and Safety Training.

We also use ‘best practice’ procedures of colour coding cloths, mops and equipment to ensure no cross contamination occurs.  This is a standard procedure that all cleaners must adopt from the start.

We have the highest cleaning standards within the industry.  All of our Staff  are monitored on a regular basis on site to ensure that they are consistently delivering a high standard of cleaning. We also carry out Quality Review Logs on all sites.  That way you get to see firsthand the results of inspection by our Management Team.  The reports are available for inspection by yourself, when we hold regular review meetings with you.

Every site has its own dedicated team to work solely on your contract.  They will know and understand the specific requirements and cleaning schedule.  Holidays are covered by fully trained staff who once again will know your contract.

We reward good work and loyalty with incentive reward schemes.  We believe if we take care of our cleaning staff, they will take care of you.

Contact us today at sales@shipshapecleaning.co.uk  Let us provide you with the Shipshape Cleaning experience, a decision you will not regret.

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