Why put up with a Bad Cleaning Service?

Any form of change can be daunting and it is all too easy to be complacent and adopt the attitude ‘Better the Devil you know’

But that Devil could cost you money and you could be receiving a better service and greater value for money.

  • Why put up with bad service?  You can make the choice to change.
  • Why do you feel you are managing your cleaning contract, when you pay for that service?
  • Feel fed up with coming in each morning and despairing at the standards?

If you were not receiving good service or value for money concerning your personal affairs – would you put up with it?  I suspect not.  You would want the best.

Clients sometimes worry about the change over of cleaning companies, but once you make that leap of faith, you WILL get a good service, Shipshape Cleaning are committed to this.

We guarantee a smooth transition in your cleaning services, and we have many satisfied clients whom we have worked with from the start and vastly improved their cleaning service.

Clients have said:

“Shipshape dealt very professionally and swiftly with the challenges we had with unproductive personnel, with out any involvement from me.  It was reassuring to see both the Contracts Manager and Site Supervisor on site every evening until these challenges were resolved.” 

“From day one of the contract I felt I could rely on Shipshape Cleaning to resolve any issues and oversee the new team settling in.”

“I’d like to compliment the management team on the seamless transition at the beginning of the contract, and staff have noticed the increased levels of service and cleanliness.

“The staff are well trained and receive good supervision, the agreed specification is adhered to and other requests I make are carried out in a timely manner.”  

The comments above are just a few made by our customers. Take a look at the full testimonials on page  http://shipshapecleaning.co.uk/about/testimonials/.    When we tender for cleaning contracts, we can always provide up to date and relevant references.

Use our Free Audit Form: http://shipshapecleaning.co.uk/free-cleaning-audit-form/.  This is a very useful exercise to carry out to ascertain what kind of service you are receiving and are you getting value for money. 

Take a look at our full company brochure: http://shipshapecleaning.co.uk/download-brochure/.  We can provide a basic cleaning service or whatever other services your organisation may require.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard within the cleaning industry that consistently exceeds expectations.  Whatever your cleaning requirements are, be it a small office or a big organisation, our high standards will remain the same.  We always deliver the best.

Take that Devil by the horns, call us today on 01494 468989.

 Let us show you what we can do.

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