How Green Are You? – Be Greener by Using the Delphiseco Products

Delphis products represent a major breakthrough in ecological cleaning.

The products  are developed from plant-based organic surfactants.  They are non-toxic, non harmful, non-hazardous to either people or animals, totally biodegradable.  By using these products you will not only contribute to the welfare of our environment, but you will also notice a difference in your pocket.  Using the Delphis range will save money by replacing multiple, hazardous chemical cleaners with more effective Delphis products which will improve the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Environmental safety is of paramount importance as recklessly dumping hazardous chemicals, detergents, soap and effluent into water courses and flushed down drains can no longer be done.

Delphis have developed a range of products that not only clean effectively, it also protects the environment and the people using it.


 All the products contain environmentally-friendly ingredients which makes them:-

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-comedogenic to skin
  • Non-harmful to aquatic life
  • Derived from sustainable resources
  • Compliant with environmental legislation
  • Effective cleaning technology

The Products:

  • Decrease inventories
  • Improve cleaning efficiency
  • Reduce risks and hazards
  • Improve health and safety
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Improve green customer credibility

Because the products are so safe, they do not require toxic, harmful or corrosive labelling and therefore are easy to store.  They can be used in a variety of different environments, including hospital and clinical facilities, schools and colleges, food and drinks manufacturers, care homes and nursing homes, including of course public buildings and offices, to name but a few.

Shipshape Cleaning, as a Company, is dedicated and committed to work in partnership with you on all aspects of environmental issues relating to your cleaning contract.  We have had strong ‘green policies’ since 2000.

If you need to look into an environmentally friendly cleaning service……look no further.

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