Does the Outside of your Offices give the Right Impression?

Before the Winter really sets in – have you thought about the appearance of your offices from the outside,  and even more importantly how your visitors will see them.  First impressions are very important and very strongly influence your expectations of what kind of service you may receive from the inside.

Therefore if your offices or building have the air of neglect, it does not give a positive impression.

There are a number of ways Shipshape Cleaning  can enhance the appearance of the exterior of your building.

We can offer the highest standards in window cleaning technology.  We operate the Reach and Wash System which is, Health and Safety approved.  We are specialists in high rise and difficult to access cleaning.

If you would like the stonework, surrounding paths, steps and other walkway areas professionally cleaned, we can provide this service too.  We can include signs and name plates if required.  Make your building look inviting.

If your offices are situated in grounds and you have to maintain gardens, parking and communal areas, especially at this time of year when leaves and debris can make the outside look very untidy, this is a service we can also provide.

If you have any special requests or require a one off service, we can assist you with these also.

Please visit our website at to find out what other services we can offer your organisation. 

If we can assist you with the above services or you have any questions or queries regarding our company and the services we can provide,  please contact us  at or call us on 01494 468989.

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