Washroom Hygiene

A high standard of washroom hygiene is vital for your staff and visitors well being.

It is a very important part of your office environment, and a place that should look and be particularly clean, presentable and have the essential equipment to keep it as hygienic as possible.

When it comes to washrooms dispensers we can supply a wide range to suit your budget, style and colour scheme.

Our consumable ranges are manufactured by leading suppliers.  From toilet tissue to laundry detergent, we can supply these and many other products to you.  Most of our paper products have a percentage of re-cycled material.  We can however supply 100% re-cycled goods if you would prefer.

We also have a number of cleaning solutions which are not harmful to humans, people or animals.  Shipshape are very environmentally aware of the needs of our planet, and have had strong ‘green policies’ since 2000. 

To keep your washrooms sanitised and free of unpleasant odours, our cistern sanitisers and air dispensers are all you require to create this effect.

For our complete range of washroom dispensers, consumables and other equipment please view at http://shipshapecleaning.co.uk/office-contract-cleaning/washroom-rental-service/http://shipshapecleaning.co.uk/office-contract-cleaning/washroom-dispensers-consumables/

If you have any queries regarding this service or any other service we can offer, please contact us at sales@shipshapecleaning.co.uk or call us on 01494 468989.















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