Invite Nature into your Offices

Did you know your workplace will benefit from having plants! 

Not only do plants help clean the air in an office space, especially in these times when offices have no opening windows or even any windows at all.   Recent studies by Texas A&M University have shown that the presence of plants increases productivity and reduces stress. One of the quickest ways to achieve a happier, healthier and more productive work environment is to add nature in the form of plants.

Apart from the health benefits, plants can really enhance the look of your offices and reception area, especially in today’s modern offices.  New buildings although extremely modern and clean looking,  can look cold and austere, especially to a visitor or a newcomer.  Plants can soften the office environment and make it a more colourful and inviting place. 

Invite nature into your offices and let Shipshape help you to create the ambiance with our unique range of displays to fit all requirements and budgets. 

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