Killer Fungi in Dishwashers….

Have you looked at your dishwasher lately?

Alarmingly, the seals, corners and sides of dishwashers can habour dangerous germs and fungi.  The moist and warm environment of a dishwasher can be ideal conditions for fungi that is heat tolerant.

This obviously can happen at home, but is more likely to be happening in the workplace with communal dishwashers.  In dishwashers that contained this ‘dangerous to humans’ black yeast, it was found to be transferred to dishes and cutlery that had been inside. 

The fungi, Exophiala dermatitidis is found in healthy people but it has also been found in the lungs of people suffering from cystic fibrosis and can sometimes cause fatal infections in healthy people. 

It is uncertain how the black fungi gets into the lungs, but it is the same as the fungi found in and around dirty rubber seals and corners of dishwashers.

We need to take better care of our dishwashers, and a typical cleaning regime for an office dishwashing machine should be:

  • a daily or weekly wipe down of the insides of the dishwasher with anti-bac including the sides and seals
  • remove food, spills or stains as soon as they are seen 
  • a weekly empty wash cycle run
  • a monthly dishwasher specialist cleaner run

We pay particular attention to our clients dishwashers, not just to ensure their longevity but also to prevent the build up and occurance of harmful germs and fungi.

Ensure your crockery and cutlery aren’t poisoning you!

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