Window Cleaning for a Clear Outlook

If you have a good view out your office window, why obstruct it?

Window cleaning is a service that is often forgotten in a cleaning schedule and is an important part of keeping your office looking clean, especially this time of year when the sun is flooding in.

These day’s with environmental and industrial conditions being as complex as they are, windows are becoming dirtier, faster.

It is essential that windows are cleaned regularly, but most definately a good yearly clean.  The recommendation would be with most commercial properties is that a window cleaning scheule is put in place for a quarterly clean.  However, properties that are on main roads or in a high traffic or industrial area, a monthly clean would be the recommendation.

anyone can wash a window with soap and water and that will most definately get the job done, but on a professional level, it is more that just washing the glass, as window frames, ledges and surrounding areas will be cleaned in the process.

After it rains, minerals can attach to the glass, including limestone, brick dust or cement.  This can cause staining of the glass over a period of time if not cleaned off.  Spinkler systems near to a building can also make the glass stain if the glass is not cleaned regularly as this water will not be pure, but will contain calcium, salt or other minerals in the mains water supply.

Also, with the introduction of Reach & Wash purified water systems, that our window cleaner contractors use, the water is so pure that it absorbs the dirt, the brush is used to agitate the dirt and then is rinsed with oure water.  The glass is left perfectly clean, since there is nothing in the water to make spots on the glass.

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