Looking for a Cleaning Company who lives up to their Promises

When you are looking for a new cleaning company, you want a cleaning company who live up to their promises.

At Shipshape Cleaning, we do.  We provide you with the very best service that you deserve.

We are experienced in dealing with TUPE situations and provide full management and training for TUPE staff. 

We assess your cleaning needs and tailor our cleaning service to your needs.  We do not try and offer a one size fits all service, we appreciate that your contract is individual and your needs differ from other contracts we have.

We provide extra services and make recommendations to enhance your building.  Some of these services we price accordingly, some services are free of charge, and we see them as an added bonus to your contract.

We deal swiftly with any problems you have on site.  Whatever your problem we are here to help and can provide solutions. 

We communicate fully with our clients and provide each one of them with a Communication book, regular management visits, client review meetings and an instant response to emails or phone calls.

Could this be the level of service you are looking for….?

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