Swine Flu Prevention 2011

It’s back in the news again, yes it’s Swine Flu.  It’s back…..

The last time I blogged about Swine Flu was in August 2009, when we saw it all over the UK. But, this time of year, we should not just be protecting ourselves against Swine Flu, but the many cold, sickness and flu bugs around. 

Office environments are a breeding ground for all types of viruses and bacteria, germs can easily be transferred and although you may have your premises cleaned every evening, staff working during the day can transmit viruses and bacteria.

Products Shipshape Cleaning Can Offer

Maceratable Wet Wipes – Packets of 52 wipes – Useful for staff to wipe their own handsets, keyboards etc

Foam Handrub – 500ml bottle – Commonly found in hospitals, these rubs can be situated throughout the building for staff use

Foam Handwash – 500 ml bottle – Can be used in washrooms to replace existing handsoaps and antibacterial handwash for extra protection, following visits to the toilet

Please contact Shipshape Cleaning at info@shipshapecleaning.co.uk if you wish to order any of these products.

The key preventative messages for a flu pandemic are:

– Always carry tissues

– Use clean tissues to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze

– Bin the tissues after one use

– Wash your hands with soap and hot water or a sanitizer gel often

These are simple things to remember, but could save passing germs around and being ill this Winter.

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