Colour Coding in the Cleaning Industry

Colour coding in the Cleaning Industry is not a legal requirement but a recommendation for good practice.

At Shipshape, we ensure that it is fully trained on, on all sites and with all cleaning staff.

We only use Microfibre cloths for our cleaning and have the following colour system:

  • Red – Toilets
  • Yellow – Sinks in the Washrooms
  • Green – General Areas i.e. desks, work surfaces etc.
  • Blue – Kitchen Areas

We provide all sites with these colours of cloths and the colours form part of our induction training.  We also extend this to our colour coded mop and bucket, so staff are trained to use the blue mop & bucket for the kitchen floor and the red mop and bucket for the toilet floors only.

In the cleaners cupboard we insist that the blue mop is kept in the blue bucket, once washed, and the red mop is kept in the red bucket.

The induction given to all cleaners covers this and we laminate a colour coding sign for the cleaners cupboard so they don’t forget. Refresher training on mops, buckets, cloths and chemicals is performed on their 1st year anniversary as a reminder.

We feel this is an important issue in the cleaning of our sites.  This prevents the cross-contamination and cross-infection between the washrooms & kitchen areas and by spending time with cleaners both new and inherited cleaners, this reduces any Health & Safety risks for site employees or their visitors.

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