Employing Staff in the Cleaning Industry

It has recently been reported in the press, The Mail on Sunday 22nd August 2010, that cleaners working on behalf of a cleaning company that provides cleaning at the House of Commons, had not made full checks on members of staff they employed.

The full article can be read here: http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/immigration/80595-police-probe-into-illegal-immigrants-working-house-commons-cleaners.html

At Shipshape Cleaning Company we are very aware of our responsibilities as an employer of cleaning staff for our contracts, and those we take over during a TUPE transfer.  We go through the full procedure of interviewing new staff in person and have documentation that needs to be completed in full by the applicant during the interview. With us, the interviewee will need to:

  • Complete our full application form at the interview
  • Provide 2 work related references
  • Provide proof of their national insurance number
  • Provide proof of ID
  • Provide proof of their eligability to work in the UK

We take our responsibilities very seriously and check that all employees are able to work legitimately in the UK before employment and during our employment.

We have this procedure in place to follow employment law on employing staff and to keep your cleaning contract safe.

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