Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

On the radio last week, it was suggested there is now a link between your increased risk of breast cancer and the cleaning products you use at home.  When you hear claims like these, it does make you start to think about what cleaning chemicals you use around the house.  These products don’t just have an effect on your health and your families health, but also the environment.

Before all these synthetic and toxic chemicals were developed, we purely relied on natural products for their cleaning and disinfectant properties.

Now, most of us, have an array of nasty and toxic cleaning chemicals under our sinks.  When you read the label they are a concoction of chemicals and very often have a hazard symbol on the back with the hazard written underneath. These harsh chemicals very often have specific instructions for use.  Many cannot be breathed in and require a ventilated area, and nearly all warn of not mixing with any other chemicals and advise which surfaces to avoid using them on.  Then, when we finish using them and take off our rubber gloves, we tip them all down our sinks into the water system….

We don’t have to though.  We CAN choose to use natural based cleaning products again and get the job done.

We are looking at alternatives to our cleaning products, not just for our homes, but for the offices we clean in.  We understand that companies are becoming subject to environmental audits and we want to work in partnership with our clients.

We have recently trialed two brands in our office for our cleaning and in our homes.  They are Method & bio-D. We have found them not only to be natural in their ingredients but they really do work!

We actively promote these ranges to our clients and use them in our homes.  

Everytime we pour something down the drain, we want our conscience to be clear…

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