Battery Recycling for our Clients

At Shipshape we are always thinking of ways to ‘add value’ to our clients cleaning contract.  The more we research methods, products, industry news, innitatives and innovations, the more we come up with improvements or additional services for our clients.

We listen to what our clients want and we find it for them.  This then enables all the clients in our portfolio to benefit.  We are also forward thinking and want our services to move with the times and be tailored to our clients individual needs.

Our current innovative idea for our clients is to offer them free battery recycling.  We see it as an important service, enabling companies to recycle their batteries and stop them going into landfill and polluting the environment.

It is also a service that is an add on to their cleaning contract that costs them no more money! 

Does your cleaning company put you first and want to improve the service they provide you?

If not, call us and we will happily visit you and put together a proposal for your site services.

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