Micro Fibre Cloths – We’ve been using them for years….

Many cleaning companies are raving about these cloths but to be honest, we have been using them for years.

Not only are these cloths more hygienic, they avoid the need for expensive (and often harmful) detergents and they get things looking far cleaner in a lot less time. 

And, things being cleaner and saving time, must be a good thing in our busy lives, as we all know, time is money.

Many people don’t like using harsh detergents, they can be expensive, but the main factor is generally they can cause allergic reactions and skin complaints.  Some will argue that in an effort to make things cleaner, we are undermining our bodies immune system to defend ourselves against everyday germs.

Also, these chemicals have to go somewhere.  We pour them down our drains and they go directly into our rivers and seas.  As our result they are polluting the environment we live in.

Many people would like to clean their homes or office environments without so many chemicals, using microfibre we can achieve this.

How do they work?  The cloths themselves have many micro fibres, many more than a normal cloth on the surface, which are smaller.  So, when dust, dirt and bacteria cling to the fibres on cleaning cloths, the more fibres there are the more dirt specs are cleaned up.  These particles become trapped in the fibres and stays there until you wash the cloth thoroughly.  This is mechanical cleaning, not chemical cleaning.

Now, if you are experimenting with microfibre cloths, the best way is to use the cloth with as little water as possible and wring it tightly before using it.  Too much water and loads of soap will reduce the cloths effectiveness.

Microfibre cloths are great, and you can use them to clean any hard surface you like!

We are always looking into new ideas and innovation, if you need a cleaning company that puts your office and the environment first, give us a call today.

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