Shipshape Cleaning Tips – No. 1

At Shipshape, we like to use both conventional and environmentally friendly products for our cleaning but also, due to our managment teams experience in the cleaning industry, we like to use some of the less well known cleaning methods to ensure furniture, floors etc, are kept shining, bright and clean.  If furniture and floors are not kept clean to a high standard it reduces their lifespan and costs a lot of money to replace.

Therefore, what we will be promoting on our blog on a regular basis, are little tips our management team have picked up over the years to help with difficult cleaning issues.

Tip of the Week….

When you get a build up of polish or wax on a piece of wooden furniture, get rid of it with diluted white vinegar.  Dip a clean cloth into equal parts vinegar and water and squeeze out well.  Then, using the cloth and moving with the grain of the wood, slowly remove the build up. When the residue has been taken off, wipe the surface dry with a soft towel or cloth.

Keep an eye on our website for future cleaning tips.  Why not add us to your favourites…..?

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