Now IS the time for change…

We’ve changed our Government, so is it time to change your Cleaning Contract?

  • Are you looking at your contracts right now, does your contract need reviewing?
  • Are your expectations being met, as you shouldn’t settle for second best. We have the highest cleaning standards within the industry.  If you are not getting this from your current contractor then give us a call on 01494-468989. Also you can download our free cleaning audit.
  • Have you had the same Cleaning Contract for a while?
  • Do you have good communication with your cleaners and cleaning company?
  • We use an automated timecard system for all our cleaners to ensure that we are delivering the cleaning service you are paying for.

So what makes Shipshape Cleaning the exception?  The answer to this is three fundamentals:

  • The quality of management applied to each contract
  • Our commitment to quality throughout everything we do
  • The investment we make in training to ensure we maintain our standards

Along with these three areas you will also find we have a flexible approach to our clients and contracts. We can tailor make a service that fits your particular requirements.

Interested to know what we can offer and have any questions, then give us a call today – 01494 468989, or take a look at our exciting website.

We ARE the way forward.

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