New Shipshape Brochures

We are always looking at ways to market to potential customers, some like to receive an email link to our fantastic website, however, we acknowledge that some people like to receive our literature and company information through the post.

After we had redesigned our website last summer, we decided that our brochure needed a revamp too.  We had designed our website in such a way that it developed our corprate brand and we created a theme running through its pages.

Using the our design ideas from the website, we have started from scratch and created a new brochure that also reflects our corporate brand.

We held off producing them earlier on in the year due to an imminent office move and we also wanted them to include all our current accrediations.

We are very pleased with our resulting new Shipshape Cleaning brochure and we will happily send one out to you on request.

Just fill in the details on our contact us page and request one today!

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