Office & Commercial Landscaping

With all the spring flowers starting to bloom in gardens, hedgerows and flowerbeds across the country, when you look out of your office building window, does it look a bit sparce, drab or boring?

Well, we can help.

As well as ensuring the inside of your office or commercial building is spotless, we can also ensure the outside of your building is as spectacular.

The service we offer is landscaping for commercial and office buildings.  We would initially come and view the site and do a full site survey to assess the type of grounds and soil we are dealing with and draw up a plan of the area(s) to be landscaped.  We will price in the plants and/or bulbs to be planted either to your specification or our professional landscapers are happy to give suggestions to you for the type of plants, size of plants & shrubs, colour schemes etc. to fit your budget and location.

We offer a very comprehensive service and included in our price will be all our drawings and suggestions.

Contact us today if you wish to have a quote for your office.

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